Introducing, the FREECULTR College Ambassador Program, a unique opportunity for students across the country in various colleges to become FREECULTR BRAND NINJAS.

FREECULTR BRAND NINJAS will be those few selected scouts who'll carry the coolest FREECULTR NINJA tags in their colleges for an entire year. Our Ninjas will be the brands representative who'll get exposed to a unique culture; a free culture and in the process learn skill sets required in the real world. We let you be a part of the fastest growing lifestyle brand in the country in a manner letting you explore your true potential as a student, a marketeer, a designer, a coordinator and much more. Join the program and be a part of history, literally.
Disclaimer: For any queries kindly write us at cap@freecultr.com and we’ll get back to you. Kindly NOTE: Any request/queries made to FREECULTR customer care will not be entertained.

What it takes to be a FREECULTR BRAND NINJA?

Our Ninja could be anyone who is:

  1. Is a full-time college student
  2. Is connected with key influential groups on campus
  3. Loves being a social chameleon
  4. Is a campus expert on behind the scenes activities (club, parties etc) and hot spots on and around the campus
  5. Dreams of becoming an entrepreneur
  6. Is curious about how successful brands work
  7. Have an urge to become a successful professional
  8. Is fashion conscious
  9. Loves FREECULTR

Do you have it all..?? Apply now

Our BRAND NINJA's Rewards

  1. The Ninja will be the esteem owner of the hottest lifestyle Brand Ninja's Badge. And trust us, its not easy getting one of these.
  2. Will get FREECULTR's merchandise worth Rs 20,000 over a period of 1 year
  3. FREECULTR's exclusive gift codes for Ninja's network & friends
  4. Letter of recommendation/ certificates by co-founders of the company
  5. Special mention in all official media
  6. Potential sponsorship for your college annual events
  7. Special social media announcements and mention in freecultr.com
  8. First hand marketing experience of how big brands work
  9. Jazzed up CV
  10. A possible employment opportunity with FREECULTR on successful completion of your course
  11. Mentorship sessions with the co-founders of the brand



  1. Representing the brand FREECULTR on campus and living upto its reputation as a premium lifestyle brand offering nothing but simplicity, comfort and colors to its patrons. Designing and executing marketing plans to create buzz about FREECULTR in and around your campus through whichever channels necessary. (Please note: All activities carrying our brand logo will have to be shared with us for prior approval. Usage of the official brand logo without approval is not permitted)
Social Media
  1. Creating innovative ways to connect with more people using social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube ) through videos , pictures to promote FREECULTR on campus
  1. Building & maintaining FREECULTR’s image, reputation and influence around campus through various media (College Magazines / Journals / Emailers / Newsletters etc)
    Staying connected and sharing plans with co- ambassadors from various colleges
Event Coordination
  1. Creating and executing fun event ideas within the college campus keeping in mind the brand ethos. Activities could range from Fashion shows to music concerts to sporting activities and much more
Product Design (if relevant)
  1. Basis on your expertise/ interest, you may also design products ( apparels & accessories) based on thorough research and present those ideas to FREECULTR team. Who knows, we might just pick up your design and product it giving you due credit

And if all works well, who knows you might land up with a job offer straight from FREECULTR right after you step out of college

Ready to Start ?


Applications for FREECULTR College Ambassador Program are now closed. They will resume soon!Notify Me

Disclaimer: For any queries kindly write us at cap@freecultr.com and we’ll get back to you. Kindly NOTE: Any request/queries made to FREECULTR customer care will not be entertained.